Hi, I'm Dawson!

my face

I'm who ❤️'s the web

React.js and Node.js are my specialties, but all of the web is beautiful! I'm a freelance software engineer unavailable for hire until Monday, March 11th, 2019.

Sorry about that, I am busy becoming a certified yoga instructor at the world-renowned Yoga Barn and training to thrive as a blockchain engineer with Solidity.

Reach out now via the form at the bottom to be first in line.

Things I've Worked on

  • Uplift: 🙌 A minimal happy quote website
  • Mailto: 💌⚡️ HTML mailto's made easy
  • o-o: A terminal command-line tool for opening url's and files
  • vimrc Builder: A web app for building your first vimrc
  • Skrub: Irreversible file deletion on every Operating System

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