Owner and Software Consultant @Dark Triangle

I'm a travelling senior React.js developer. Joining into teams with hard PR's, code reviews, and best practices -- 1 years, 39 days, 25430 seconds

Lead Software Engineer @Driver

Owned and delivered flagship web app. Heavy leadership, tasking, and coding. React and Redux -- 1.08 years

Full-stack Web Engineer @Uber

PM'd and coded JavaScript to all of Uber's web with React & Node.js. -- 1.08 years

Co-founder & Director @HackCU

Started and grew this collegiate hackathon to > 200 students -- 1.66 years

Frontend Engineer Intern @Shape

KPCB Engineering Fellow in Silicon Valley (< 3% acceptance) -- 0.33 years

Software Engineer @DoD

U.S. Security Clearance 2012 - 2015. Stokes Scholar (< 2% acceptance rate) -- 2.75 years



B.S. Computer Science

University of Colorado